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  • Your leads called in 60 seconds or less on your behalf...guaranteed!
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  • Target Refi, VA, Purchase or Conventional borrowers
  • Use the same technology as the big guys (Quicken, LoanDepot, Amerisave)
" My LO's Are very happy with your MLD site, and First Contact! Thanks for the leads, thanks for the service, and most of all, thanks for the customers!!
" -Mark Ross, Home First Lending

How it works.

  • STEP 1

    Choose your ideal borrower.

  • STEP 2

    Within 60 seconds a call is made on your behalf.

  • STEP 3

    We qualify and live transfer the borrower to you!

First Contact

In 60 seconds or less, we call your new lead (on your behalf) to make contact with the borrower. Once we have them on the phone, we transfer them directly to you... before the other guys even leave the starting line. Losing the race to talk to your lead first is now a thing of the past. From the leader in internet leads comes an innovative new service that enables you to be the first one to talk to your lead.

In the past smaller loan companies were unable to compete against the big guys and their expensive equipment. Not anymore! With First Contact the same strategies that make them so successful are at your fingertips. Get in touch with your borrowers first, and see your conversions soar!